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Over the past weekend, I’ve officially rolled into the later parts of my mid-twenties.  26.  Actually, according to my friend Maria, I’ve hit my late-twenties, but that is a truth I don’t know if I’m ready to accept yet.  I think I’ll just peacefully enjoy my mid-twenties for another year or so.

One of the things I love most about birthdays is the random messages, calls, facebook posts you receive from people like your friends parents, your high school church counselor, your best friend as she sneaks away from work, your long lost relatives, etc.  Some people may find the “Happy Birthday!”s somewhat empty and flippant, but I find them to be perfect tokens of thoughtfulness from people all around you.  They serve as little reminders to both you, and the person wishing it to you, of the bond of friendship and connection you shared at some point in life.  I firmly believe that life is not a series of accidents, so I am thankful for all the reminders of the people I’ve been lucky to come across.

So Thank You.



Oh Heavenly Day

April 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

I don’t even mean to be blogging right now.  I should be working on my corporate tax outline – trying to learn how to differentiate when a corporate redemption of its shareholder’s stock will be treated as a sale/exchange or when it will be treated as a distribution.  But I decided to put on “Heavenly Day” by Patty Griffin, and now I’m wistfully remembering and reliving my best friend’s wedding this past weekend.  My constant replaying of the song probably doesn’t help my overwhelming feelings of nostalgia.

What exactly am I nostalgic for?  It could be the wedding because the wedding was an absolute DREAM.  I wish I could describe it better than saying it was like a scene right out of an Anthropologie catalogue.  Explaining that the wedding was set perfectly on a warm spring afternoon at the Four Seasons over looking a perfectly lush and beautiful town lake doesn’t give nearly enough detail to just perfect the setting was.  Even if I talk about the gentle breeze blowing through the air only serving to make Shelby look even more beautiful than she did in her perfect dress, or how the music was chosen perfectly and waffled through the guests in the most gentle and romantic manner, or how the soft haze of early evening really did cast a perfect glow for after wedding pictures of the newly weds – all of those details fails to capture how entirely magical the event was in my eyes.

So maybe I am nostalgic for so much more than just the wedding.  I’m nostalgic for the history that this ceremony represented to me. The wedding was beyond words – simply because it was the marriage of one of my best friends to someone she has dated, loved, and grown with for the past 7 years.  It was beautiful because it was the coming together of two people, the coming together of two sets of families, two sets of friends that have been so intertwined in their lives the past 7 years that it’s hard to tell who was whose family first, and who was whose friend first.  This celebration was the culmination of so much time invested, so much effort given, and so many memories created.  I am nostalgic for all of that.

I am nostalgic for times in high school when life was incredibly simple because our world was just that small.  When Friday nights would be spent with Shelby on drill team dancing away, watching Daniel play football.  I am nostalgic for the year I spent living with Shelby, rediscovering our friendship and how it has changed as we had changed, as Shelby and Daniel was likely rediscovering their relationship after going through long distance themselves.  That was the first time my heart had gotten truly broken and the first time I had discovered just how deeply empathetic a friend can be.  That was also the year Shelby taught me how to make French toast and the year that we ordered Tiff’s Treats and danced around our apartment to wordless music.  I’m nostalgic for getting to be in New York City with Shelby after I started law school.  It was not only great to see her thrive and blossom in her exciting dance career in the city, but it was also a process of me rediscovering why I loved New York so much.  I had been away for over a year and a half at that point and I got to see how New York still held so much potential and energy for me as it did for her.  That was also the time that I got to witness just what it meant to love someone enough to let them go do things that was important to them on an individual level as Daniel loved and supported Shelby from Texas.  More than anything, their relationship at that time showed me just how strong love can be – and as cheesy as it sounds, love can withstand all and if you really love someone, than waiting is worth it.

So watching her get married to Daniel on Saturday was more than just another romantic wedding – more than just another beautiful bride with her handsome groom – it was watching a culmination of seven years.  Watching the representation of completed transformation – of a little girl and boy who was once 17 having grown into two amazing adults.  It was in an odd way – watching my own transformation as certain big moments in my life can be marked by certain big moments in their relationship.  As they got married and are moving onto a new life of togetherness they have never known before, I am too graduating from law school and moving onto a new life of everything that I have never known before.

So, here’s to a few more moments of dwelling in what was before I joyfully, fearfully, excitedly move mentally into what is to come.

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