I once was given the nick name “changebird.”  Years later, when that person is no longer in my life, that name still remains because I think I like it.  I like this image of some little bird (me) fluttering around, never staying static – but always changing.  I’ve always heard that the most predictable thing about life is that it always changes – circumstances, situations, people – are always changing, and therefore, you must too.  To always be growing, to always be moving, struggling forward is a beautiful thing.  So here am I – a 25 year old lover of words, perfect moments, peanut butter, lazy mornings, yoga, getting lost, coffee shops and tea, movies, rambly conversations, three hour dinners, naps with the right person – here am I eager to always be changing into a better version of me.  So read my posts, my thoughts and watch me as life changes and I change with it.



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