Hey Jude.

April 17, 2012 § 1 Comment

It’s a beautiful, warm, sunshine-y day and I was minding my own business walking down 2nd Street, eastbound towards Avenue B, when I happened to see a casually dressed, possibly homeless guy, reading a newspaper by the wall.  I slowed down my already easy stroll so I could take in the situation a little better because it was quite unusual for several reasons.  First, people typically don’t sit in unshaded areas reading unless they are attractive thin women, half naked and trying to tan.  Second, people don’t typically sit by themselves on the streets unless it’s on a stoop, on a bench, or on a curb by some hot new restaurant as they are waiting to get in.  Third, homeless people aren’t usually so attractive, nor are they usually quietly reading to themselves.  I look a little harder and lo and behold – it was Jude Law.

This man.

Oh what a New York  Moment.  As the realization that I have spotted a celebrity really sunk into my somewhat celeb-loving brain, I knew I could do one of two things.  I could keep walking.  Or I could talk to him.  I should probably keep walking, I thought to myself.  I mean if it was any normal person – I wouldn’t give a lick to talk to them.  Also, it was pretty clear (as the situational indicators told me) that Jude probably wanted to be left alone.  Let’s face it, no one really ventures to the boonies of 2nd and B to be “seen.”  Oh but I really wanted to talk to him too.  I really wanted to ask him why the heck he was sitting outside by himself.  I wanted to inquire as to why he wasn’t sitting under some shade and if he had any sun screen on.  I wanted to perhaps strike up a conversation that would either lead to deep friendship or a recognition that I am actually a talented actress he wants to cast in his new movie.  The potential was swirling in my head and I was so torn.  So I did only what I knew to do.  I turned the corner, walked a bit further, and frantically started calling my best friend, Amanda.  Needless to say, we talked and I decided to discard my idea of trying to bother Jude.  Isn’t what is so great about New York is that the people and the city will leave you alone?

Then I went into a store, bought myself a drink, and headed on my way.

But believe me, I stopped in my tracks, turned around and was humming the first few notes of “Hey Jude” before I realize he had left.  Oh well.. I guess we’ll never know if we could have really been best friends.


[Also, when I got home, I did my fact checking to make sure the heat wasn’t playing tricks on my eyes and sure enough, according to some very credible news sources, Jude law has been spotted in New York over the past few days filming The Bitter Pillsupporting his friends, etc.]



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