Inspire the Uninspired.

January 31, 2012 § 1 Comment

It’s no secret that one of my biggest fears in life is to be uninspired, to live uninspired-ly.  I’m not exactly sure what that means, or what that looks like in the big picture, but I can tell you what it feels like in the smallness and tangibleness of day to day life.   Feeling uninspired feels a whole lot like apathy, and really, there’s no better way to define it than by a lack of desire, a lack of striving, a lack of passion, and a general lacking of wanting to do anything.  

When I’m having a particularly inspiring day, I see it from all fragments and pieces of my life.  A good conversation with a friend can spark thoughts and emotions.  Watching a great film or reading a great book can excite me about the idea of writing and perhaps drumming up the next “Desendants” (best film I’ve seen recently).  Coming across a good article on the web can invoke a desire to blog and share thoughts with the world.  Having a good work out session makes me want to make all sorts of resolutions to never eat sweets or drink alcohol again.  Spending a worthwhile hour on Pinterest can make me craft my visions of my perfect home and add pages and pages into my mental recipe book.  When I’m having an uninspired day, I do all of the above, and it just ends there – there is no added wanting or striving to do anything more.  The reading ends at reading, the watching ends at watching, the time spent talking with friends leads me to wonder why I’m spending so much time talking with friends.

I think I’m beginning to understand why I fear living an uninspired life so much.  Who wouldn’t fear living a life that is lacking in the motivation that each of us draws on to make it through the day, the months, and ultimately, the years.   Truly, that is what inspiration is.  Inspiration is motivation.  Inspiration is the fire that lights our dreams that actually makes us want to accomplish things, do things, be things.  Maybe I’m finally starting to feel a little more inspired now.

Yes, I realize that uninspired days are not impossible.  I will still treasure certain days when spending an afternoon on the couch snacking on Nut Thin Crackers (my new favorite munchie) watching NFL Football (my new favorite sport) will be a heaven of an afternoon for me.  But when I’m not happy feeling so uninspired and lack of feeling and will, I think what I need is a healthy kick of forced inspiration.  What is that forced inspiration?  Well, right now, at my desk, the only thing I can do is peruse around the web and read things and see things – and do my best to take inspiration out of what I read and see.  It’s okay sometimes, to force yourself to dream a little. 

My pieces of inspiration around the web:

1.  A funny article about a woman who hated running, but ultimately embraced it.

2. A conversation with Courtney Clevenger over gchat. 

3. Reading reviews for Richard III.  Tickets still available I think!

4. These photos from Pinterest:

5. Knowing that tomorrow is a new day full of new things that could inspire.




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